Animal Safe Haven & Adoptions, Inc.

No-Kill foster system working to rescue abandoned, homeless and abused animals from our local MD communities. 
Registered 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Rescue. EIN # 46-4251348. Established in 2013.

Our Current Adoption Fees:

  • Kitten & Adolescent (under 1 year) (solid black only): $100
  • Kitten & Adolescent (under 1 year): $125

  • Adult (over 1 year) (solid black only): $50
  • Adult (over 1 year): $75

This dramatic reduction in feline adoption fees is due to the fact that black cats take much longer to adopt out. And because we are a no-kill foster group, and do not have a facility, when we loose even just one foster family it puts a huge on the other families. We try our best to never turn away animals in need; but when we are full, we are full. We are always in need of more foster families, adopters and of course volunteers and donors too! Occasionally we will have other types of animals in our care (dogs, small animals, farm pets...) adoption fees for these animals will be decided on a case by case basis and posted in their bio. Keep in mind we offer a 15% Police & Military discount. As well as a 15% discount for getting 2 animals, or more, at once! Save your receipts! Donations (including adoption fees) to ASHA are tax deductible! Adoption fees can be paid via cash, check made out to "Animal Safe Haven" or credit/debit card.

View Our Currently Available Pets for Adoption:

We use for our animal information database, from there they send our adoptable pets to HUNDREDS of other websites. Including Petfinder, Adoptapet, Petsmart Charities, World Animal Foundation,, AllPaws, Family Pet, Purina ONE and many more!!! Each adoptable animal has their own page, and included on their page is a bio about them, at least one photo, their basic medical information, date of birth and age, if they are good with other cats and dogs and more! 

Remember we are a foster system, so we do not have a facility that is open set hours. Adoption and foster visits are by appointment only. Once you fill out an adoption application (which is located on each of the animals pages) we will call or email you with in 24-48 hours to follow up. If you are interested in doing our Foster-to-Adopt program you will need to fill out an adoption application AND a volunteer application.

Submit your Adoption or Foster-to-Adopt Application:

We have two options available: An on-line form your can fill out and quickly submit then its automatically sent to us. OR download a PDF version of our application, fill it out and email, or snail mail it back to us.

Owner Surrenders and Stray Finds:

Typically we are overflowing with adoptable rescued animals, especially cats (just as most rescues always are). To start with, we have mandatory intake fees for owner surrenders and stray finds: (There is no intake fee for animals that were adopted out from ASHA)
  • $75 intake fee per kitten (under 6 months old)
  • $100  intake fee per adolescent (6 - 12 months old)

  • $125 intake fee per adult cat (over 1 year old)
  • $175  intake fee per pregnant mom or litter of kittens (under 6 months old)

We suggest working with the community to collect donations to help pay for the intake fee when the kitty or kitties are strays. For owner surrenders and stray finds: Until we are able to take in the animal (if & when possible) we are still able to help you find it a great forever family by posting the animal in need by posting him/her on-line along side our adoptable animals. Once you fill out a Surrender Application (located below), we will contact to let you know of the wait time for a spot with us, and we will also request a picture or two of the animal in need. We will then place you on our wait list for intake and will let you know when we get room available. We ask that you let us know if you are able to place it so we can remove the listings. If we do not receive a reply from you we will remove the posting. We suggest asking many other rescues to do the same courtesy post for you in order to help spread the word.

Did you adopt from ASHA? Need to return the adopted rescued animal?

It doesn't matter if it's just a day after adopting, or several years later, the animals must be returned to ASHA if you are no longer able to keep them due to any situation. You agreed to this in your signed Adoption Contract. We take this responsibility very seriously. Failure to abide by this requirement will result in legal action and you will be responsible for attorney’s fees and court costs. We will work with you to try and help you keep your pet out of the rescue and in your home if you find yourself and your family in most any situation. We may be able to offer boarding for your adopted pet depending on your situation and our availability at the time. Also, if you have a friend or family in mind that is interested in adopting the animal, even better! Once the animal is surrendered to ASHA, the friend or family can submit an application and within just a day or two we can have the animal re-homed again if all goes well! Even if you do not have a friend or family interested in adopting the animal, we will still do what we must to make room (that never includes endangering the life of any animal) to take back in the animal. We will never refuse an animal that was originally adopted out through ASHA!