Animal Safe Haven & Adoptions, Inc.

No-kill foster system working to rescue abandoned, homeless, and abused animals from our local MD communities. 
Registered 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Rescue. EIN # 46-4251348. Established in 2013.


Quotes We just wanted to drop a line and let you know that Kepler & Newton (as we now call Fields & Irish) are settling into their new home. As you predicted, Kepler took to his new place (and toys) right away. Newton is happy to watch right now, but he is fine with me & Bob petting him. They've both gotten up the courage to explore a bit outside of their transition room! We took them to meet the vet this morning. He agreed that we have a couple of sweet & very healthy little guys... We'll keep you updated with how they acclimate and any great pictures we snap. Thanks for rescuing such great kitties! Quotes
Bob & Elizabeth
Kepler & Newton - 3/23/13

Quotes Laurel came into my life a year ago this month. She's a beautiful black and white kitty, is so lovable and loving. She's a real lap cat. I adopted her knowing of her injury of a badly broken right rear leg. Just wanted you to know that she runs around without a limp, jumps on and off the windowsills, sofa, and my high profile bed. She's happy and healthy, despite not having half of her femur. I love her dearly. Thanks for being there!!! Her name when adopted was "Yin". Quotes
Maria Grande
Super happy Mom of my kitty Laurel.

Quotes We are so happy to have been lucky enough to have Squishy pick us! He is the most awesome cat, he is truly too cool! We love him to pieces! Quotes
Squishy is so AWESOME!

Quotes Hello, I just wanted to email you to let you know how Cindy is doing. She is doing very well! She is a very sweet little girl. I handle her every other day and she is very tolerant. She does sometimes get a little excited when you put your fingers near the bars of the cage, she thinks she is getting a treat. I just wanted to thank you for letting me adopt her! She is an awesome addition to my family. Quotes
Cindy the rat is Doing Great!

Quotes They are still very timid and scared. Katie sits and looks at my other rat and moves her head to the right and left as their cages are next to each other. I don't care for this but, we will see what happens. Cam seems not to care about the other rat next to her. We get them out 3 to 4 times a day to hold them to get used to us. Cam maybe big but, she can hussle; she even jump to the cage next to her. Thanks, Christine Quotes
Katie & Cam

Quotes The girls are fine. We've re-named Molly, Mala Chica (bad girl). She's such a tease to the dogs! They are still have not made peace, mostly my brittney being a barking fool. I wonder how long it will take for them to settle down. But it is very amusing for now. Mala is also very interested in the outside, and would have long since gone out the cat door if I did not block it. She needs her feline luk shot before she goes out. Kelly is scheduled to be fixed in 2 weeks, and has been in for her first round of shots. Both are adjusting well. Oh, but they eat food on the counter!!! Like pizza scraps and WHOLE PORK CHOPS! Bad girls. They really are quite wild for being previous "apartment cats"... lol Thanks for my babys! Quotes
Mala Chica & Kelly

Quotes We adopted two of the tiny baby gray kittens from you a while back and just wanted to say thanks for allowing us to be in their lives. They are so cute and we love them so much Quotes
Sandy and Sofie

Quotes Just wanted to let you know that our little Theo (orange tabby) is totally content and getting the royal treatment. He is the mellowest cat I have ever seen! We gave him a bath and he purred the entire time. I contacted Animal Advocates of Howard County and they are sending me info about low cost spay and neuter. Thanks so much for getting us all set! We're thrilled with our new addition. =) Quotes
Proud Parent of His Royal Highness

Quotes The kittens are doing very well-- they play all the time and run around and are getting used to us and getting more affectionate. We love them! Thank you! Quotes
Averil & Ian
Up Date on the Little Ones!

Quotes Thanks again for taking them!...Glad to hear they're doing all right! Thanks Quotes
Roosters in Need