Animal Safe Haven & Adoptions, Inc.

No-kill foster system working to rescue abandoned, homeless, and abused animals from our local MD communities. 
Registered 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Rescue. EIN # 46-4251348. Established in 2013.

Holiday Fundraising! Get the gifts you wanted but didn't get for Christmas here!!

Do WE have a deal for YOU!!
These items are for sale (first come first served) and can be picked up in Elkridge ASAP after payment online via our website ( 
If you are interested in an item or gift set, email us at ashamaryland@gmail,com, and then we will confirm that it is still available so you can submit payment and then schedule pickup. All items will be posted by the end of Monday 12/20/21.

We have been swamped with animals nonstop since the beginning of the pandemic and are still swamped due to the local large rescues being shut down for many months now, and likely will still be shut down for many more months, due to disease outbreaks and large hoarding cases. So we have been contacted daily by people all over the place in need of help. Unfortunately we can only do so much as a foster system.

We are so grateful for the support everyone has shown us. We have been able to help hundreds of animals get vetting, recovery, socialization, and adopted. We have had numerous emergencies and unplanned sick vet visits, so our bank account has taken a hit. With a full deck of animals (truly, we have about 50 animals at any one time) we are desperate to ensure that we keep our bank account out of the red so we can afford the much needed vet care and supplies these rescued animals need.

But on to the goodies!! Items will be posted on social media also.

Fire Chief In Training Gift Goodie Bag - $15

Our first item for sale is perfect for the kids! Have a little one that insists on being a firefighter each year, loves visiting the fire house, and is super excited every time they get to see the fire trucks?!

Then do we have the perfect gift set for you to get the awesome little Fire Chief in training!

27 pieces include a lightweight backpack and fire fighter hat. Assortment of pencils, pens, erasers, a sharpener, hand sanitizer, rulers and more all in a red fire truck pencil bag. We also have interactive learning coloring books and reading material about drugs, fire and stranger safety to ensure your Fire Chief in training gets all the proper instructions to start them on the right path. As they are working hard we have a firefighter themed water bottle to help keep them hydrated.

Donation cost is $15 for this Fire Chief in Training dream gift goodie bag and all included!

Crazy Cat Collection - $30

Looking for a great gift for the cat lover in your life? Here's the perfect gift set! Or break it up and you have gifts for a couple people! Posted here is a NEW Cat-Opoly Board Game. I have not played it so I hope you get to play with your friends or family, and then please let us know how it goes!! You have to take some pictures too!! We also have a fistful of fancy Peacock Feathers. Peacocks that live right with one of our volunteers and are donated to the cause, I mean to the cats! They make great toys, and beautiful decor too! And then to round out the set, we have a Naughty Cat coloring book for the crazy cat caretakers out there. Coloring has been proven to help reduce stress, which yes the cats are supposed to do too. But admit it, our furry kids can be stressful too. So when your friend or family needs a break, this is the perfect activity for them.... If the cat doesn't just sit on the pages......

Donation cost is $30 for this Crazy Cat Collection!

Cute Coach Purse - $150

Beautiful classic Coach Hand Bag. Is that the correct term? or is it Purse? Or is this considered a shoulder bag...? Sorry, I'm not sure of the proper terminology since I'm one for beautiful bags. I've always prefered the bag that has the most pockets and that I won't feel bad getting dirty. Likely a remaining result of not having proper pockets in dresses and pants most of my life. A plus is if I can wash it in the washing machine.
But any who... This is a sweet gorgeous Coach piece, in NEW condition. Tag that is still on says the original cost was $358 and then reduced to $350.

Donation cost is $150 for this Cute Coach Purse!

Canine Care Package - $30

For the Canine Crazy family and friends in your life we have not forgotten them! Featured here is a Toy collection for any pup that loves to tug, squeak, chew, crinkle, sniff out treats or just carry the toys around. We have 4 new toys for the perfect pooch, or share with a few cute pups. We also included a Carelift for 35-70 lb dogs for those that are getting a little stiff in their rear legs and just need a little extra lift to get up and down stairs or in and out of cars. Just because they can't do everything they could in their younger years, doesn't mean they don't want to try to do as much as they can. As their best friends we always want to support them, and this is a great way to do so!

Donation cost is $30 for this Canine Care Package!

Festive Feline Duo Gift Set - $15

Need a little simple something, but don't want to get an edible as the kitty may have diet issues or be one of the many super picky hero's. We have a seasonal sweet kitty and pumpkin autumn décor plate to showcase during the pumpkin spice season. Then for the holly jolly season we have included a Kitty Stocking. To clarify, it is not stockings to put on cats. Or a stocking to put a cat in. It's a stocking with a cute cat design to hang in the home as festive décor. In case others didn't know yet, and needed to know that they, or you, love the feline friends.

Donation cost is $15 for this Festive Feline Duo Gift Set!

Canine Duo Treat Set - $40

For the canines in your life that of course need some spoiling too, we have not forgotten them! This set is a set of 2 Bocces's Bakery dog treats, 2 Smoochies treat bags, a bag of Milk-Bone Brushing Chews and a bag of Milk-Bone pill pouches hickory smoked bacon flavored. So that you too can have treats for your pup too. Or if you know two pups that you can share them with. But I won't judge if you gift them all to one pup. I just call it STOCKING up. Did you see what I did there with that... I know, so punny!

Donation cost is $40 for this Canine Duo Treat Set!

Dozens of Dog Treats - $40

Spoil your pup while keeping them healthy too! Two boxes of Bocce's Bakery Daily Support Wheat Free Apple and Mint Recipe Breath Treats. Two bags of Rachael Ray Nutrish Smoocheies  Brushes Apple and Mint Flavor for Smaller and Medium Dogs 25-49lbs. Two Purina Busy Rib hide chews bags. One Bag Milk-Bone Pill pouches Hickory Smoked Bacon Flavor.

Donation Cost is $40 for this Set of 6 treat box/bags.

Little Treats for Little Angels - $30

Treats that keep your little fur baby healthy AND happy. One box of Bocce's Bakery Daily Support Wheat Free Apple and Mint Recipe Breath Treats. One bag of The Pionerre Woman Ranch Raised Lamb Recipe Jerky Cuts Natural Treats. Two Rachael Ray Nutrish Soup Bone Chew Bones with Savory Beef Bone Broth. One Purina Dentalife Activfresh daily oral care dog chew for Large dog (though they can be broken in half for smaller dogs). Purina Prime Bones Rawhide Free Medium Chew Stick with wild Venison.

Donation cost is $30 for this canine treat set. 

Milkbones Everywhere! - $40

Two 24 oz boxes of Small Milk-Bone Peanut butter flavor variety pack. Two Milk-bone Brushing chews for small/medium dogs.  One Bag Milk-Bone Pill pouches Hickory Smoked Bacon Flavor. One bag of Milk-Bone Chunks Biscuits baked with turkey and bacon.

Donation cost is $40 for this treat set

5 Great Reasons to Beg - $30

Two 24 oz boxes of Small Milk-Bone Peanut butter flavor variety pack. Three Milk-bone Brushing chews for small/medium dogs. 

Donation cost is $30 for this treat set. 

Care package for Feline and Friend - $10

Fine art 3D pictures of Kitties on a 3 hook kitty Decor wall hook. Two cat food pouches of Whole Hearted Salmon Recipe Broths and two toys to play with and enjoy.

Donation cost is $10 for this feline bundle.

Quick Take a Picture - $10

Three small ceramic dog and or cat food bowls. One metal Miniature dog photo frame. Three metal cat photo frames. 

Donation cost is $10 for this gift set.

Orioles for the win! - $40

Show your Orioles team spirit with this comfortable Woman's cut fitted medium shirt and a static cling decal.

Donation cost is $40 for the Orioles set. 

Spoil Your Cat - $40

HUGE assortment of cat accessories, treats, food, toys, two brushes, a "Purrfect Pouch" comfy cat carrier and grooming sack in one for vet visits, meds or nail trims. Two sets of Soft Paw, one size small and one size large. Huge variety of treats, food toppers,  and food pouches, some of which are grain free. And a Pair of brand new low cut socks size 4-10 with a kitty in a donut on them.

Donation cost is $40 for this spoil your feline LARGE gift set. 

Dress to Impress - $40

Dress to impress, even if it's just a quite day in and only the Queen in the mirror that will be seeing it. Gorgeous floral pattern with lightweight fabric for a free flowing feel. Lovely long train behind a simple sweet jumper. Size small. Brand "Love @ First Sight". Brand new - tags still on.

Donation cost is $40 for this new summer dress.

Sweet Scarf for Any Season - $15

Is it a scarf? Is it a necklace?... It's... well what ever you dang want it to be! But it looks to me like a fun chunky necklace that would be an amazing accessory to most any outfit for out on the town, around the office or date night! Brand "Calling The People".

Donation cost is $15 for this fun accessory. 

To Clutch or Not To Clutch - $25

Firehouse red, catches your attention, easy to spot among the many items in your purse. Or if you are like me, on your car's floor. Fun vibrant color with an energetic pattern inside to get you to smile every time you open it up to pull out your ID or money. Like new. And incase you didn't notice, brand is Vera Bradley. 

Donation cost is $25 for this VB clutch wallet.

Western or Eastern Ware - $45

Brown leather classic Carol oversized shoulder bag. Soft and relaxed feel. You can style your outfit as a night out at the rodeo, or a day on the greens. Studded on the shoulder strap. Simple but sweet style to fit every day wear. 

Donation cost is $45 for this Carol bag. 

Treat Your Pup to a Spa Day - $40

Three boxes of Milk-Bone assorted flavor Mini's. One like new Hertzko Self cleaning Slicker Brush, great for cats or dogs with any type of hair. Two Bags off Whole Paws Grain Free Smoked Chicken Jerky Recipe.

Donation cost is $40 for this canine set.

Portable Propane Coleman Grill - $50

Brand new Coleman Portable Propane Grill. Perfect for patio, camping, tailgating, campfire, or just porch use. Small, compact, comes with a bag for easy transport and storage. *Propane, food and pot not included*

Donation cost is $50 for this grill.

Basic Wash and Haircut Gift Certificate - $50

Wash, Haircut and Highlight Gift Certificate - $160

Kathy Oliveto is an experienced and licensed cosmetologist who works doing hair at Julio and Alains hair studio in Columbia. She specializes in Hairstyle and color. She has generously donated two gift certificates to our auction. 

One is $50 for a basic wash and haircut. The other is $160 for a wash, cut and highlight. 

"She is AWESOME" - real review from a real customer and ASHA supporter. The pictures here are are a couple shots of her work.

These are two separate items. 

The donation cost for the $160 Gift Certificate is $160.

The donation cost for the $50 Gift Certificate is $50.

A Bottle For Me And You - $40

Great Times, Great Wines. Two bottles of feline inspired wine. One bottle of Apollos Criss-Roads White wine and one bottle of 19 Lives Riesling made with American Grapes. Both from Sleepy Cat Urban Winery in Allentown, PA.

You must show proof of age via legal ID in order to donate for this item. Proof of age must be emailed to us prior to donation. Must be over 21 years of age.

Donation cost is $40 for the bottles of wine.

Christmas Supplies - $20

Need a stocking to stuff. A basket to pack. Or a bag to fill? One Like new medium Wicker basket with two handles, great for storage or display. A E.C. Pops tote bag to show your E.C. pride. A pink with Black Horse bag for the equine lovers, and one Medium Blue and red plaid stocking. 

Donation cost is $20 for this gift set.

Club SciKidz Gift Basket - $250

Have a Science Crazy kid, or 2, or 4, that need a perfect holiday stocking stuffer!? This gift set is perfect to share among several Junior Scientists or to splurge on one amazing up in coming Bill Nye or Emily Calandrelli. Included in the basket of goodies are a variety of 27 items for your little Einstein to design, learn, discover, create and explore hands on the many ways science and technology is in every day life and beyond! 
Magnets, Hydro Rocket, Hatchin' Grow Dino, Diving Sub, Mini Sea Animals, Pirates Ahoy Activity Book, Compass/Whistle/Capsule Necklace, Stethoscope, Mini Dig Dino Skeleton, Crayola Modeling Clay, Wood Model Kit Pirate Ship, DIY Green Science Weather Station.
Also Included is $175 off a week of Full-Day Summer Camp with Club SciKidz. " Your child can encounter these hands-on, minds-on opportunities and more when they participate in one of our many summer science camps. Part of our mission at Club SciKidz Maryland is to nurture in children a life-long passion for inquiry and discovery. Our interactive programming also serves to support STEM education in the state of Maryland."
Check out more information about the amazing team and programs at 

Panasonic Electronic Typewriter - $30

Still in the original box, with manual and cord included. This item is untested. It is a model RK-T32 with Accu-Spell. For the future and aspiring author to type away with out the distractions of the world wide web. 

Donation cost is $30 for the typewriter. 

Meals For Your Mini Me  - $20

Your little angel can enjoy playing with their new stuffed Lama while you make a fun and easy meal from one of these educational and resourceful books. Books are "The Healthy Baby Meal Planner" and "Top 100 Finger Foods". And then once they are stuffed and belly is full they can snuggle up with their fluffy little Lama.

Donation cost is $20

Painting by local artist Corey Grunert!- $

One of our lovely friends and supporters is an artist based in Baltimore who donated this original watercolor painting to ASHA's fundraising efforts. She is a fellow animal lover and owner and has many animal-themed artworks for sale on Etsy at, on FB @WatercolorsBySG, or on IG @esgiewatercolors. She has created this beautiful work of art. It is an 8x8 inch original watercolor painting.

Donation cost is $75 for this original work of feline art.

Coors Collectors Mugs - $50

Original Coors Rocky Mountain Train series. Full set of four oversized ceramic collectable mugs in perfect condition. Perfect for the Coors or train lover in your family or friends group.  

Donation cost is $50 for the set of oversized mugs.

Bread Winner - $35

Enjoy your artesian and home made breads better with this West Bend Bread Slicing Guide to have the perfect cuts each time. Folds for easy and compact storage. In order to enjoy it sooner we have included a bag of Banana Bread mix from McCutcheron's and a jar of Caramel Apple Jam from Fructose and Spice, LLC. 

Donation cost is $35 for this set.