Animal Safe Haven & Adoptions, Inc.

No-kill foster system working to rescue abandoned, homeless, and abused animals from our local MD communities. 
Registered 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Rescue. EIN # 46-4251348. Established in 2013.

Pet Sitting

Looking for a local, trusted and caring pet sitter? We know quite a few people that will happily treat your fur-babies as their own while your away. Pet sitting is available for dogs, cats, birds, small animals, farm pets and more! Cost depends on each situation and will vary. Contact us with more information about your situation, pets and the dates you are in need of and we will put you in touch with our volunteers and friends that can be there when you can't.
Interested in more info? Email us:
Home Away From Home: Care at a volunteers home.
For $20/night (24 hours) per cat we offer boarding to our previously adopted pets of ASHA, and their fur siblings (cats only).
For $30/night (24 hours) per cat we offer boarding to the public on a limited basis.

Play Dates: Care in your home. Price per day visit. One visit is 30 minutes long.
For $10/visit we offer play dates to our previously adopted pets of ASHA, and their fur siblings. For 3 or more cats add $6
For $20/visit we offer play dates to the public on a limited basis. For 3 or more cats add $8.

Activities included in Play Date Visits and Sleep Overs include: ensuring pets have fresh food and water, cleaning litter boxes, replacing bedding if soiled, cleaning up any vomit or potty accidents, and playing with the pet to ensure the pet stays mentally and physically active.
Additional optional activities available for $5 more per visit: bringing in your mail/packages, taking out the pet trash, watering your plants, washing pet food/water dishes and doing pet laundry.
Email for more info:

If you are looking for boarding or dog walking email us and we can connect you with those that we highly recommended!

It is required to have proof of current Rabies, Distemper and FVRCP vaccines, as well as assurance that the pets are free from any internal and external parasites. When staying with others, also you will need to provide us with the food you are currently feeding them, their bed, blanket, toys, and feeding/water bowls; it will help keep them feeling comfy and familiar.