Animal Safe Haven & Adoptions, Inc.

No-kill foster system working to rescue abandoned, homeless, and abused animals from our local MD communities. 
Registered 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Rescue. EIN # 46-4251348. Established in 2013.

REMEMBER!!! We are a foster system, we do not have a facility. Adoption visits are by appointment only to approved adopters only. 

Information About Our Adoption Process

We use for our animal information database, which cross-posts our adoptable animals on Petfinder, AdoptApet, Petsmart Charities, World Animal Foundation,, AllPaws, Family Pet, Purina ONE and many more!! Each adoptable animal has their own page, and included on their page is a bio about them, at least one photo, their basic medical information, date of birth, etc. 

We do update our listings frequently, however, some kitties may be adopted shortly after being posted. Our system does not remove the listing immediately when we change the status. Feel free to email us at to confirm availability.

Our Current Feline Adoption Fees:

Kittens (under 1 year): $150

Adult Cats (over 1 year): $100

Other animal adoption fees vary by animal.
We offer a 15% discount on adult cat adoption fees for police & active duty military, first responders, and teachers. Proof of any of those affiliations is required. 
There is a 15% discount for adopting 2 or more adult cats at once. No more than one discount may be applied.
Adoption fee donations are non refundable.

Adoption Process:

We have a simple 5 step adoption process to ensure that each rescued animal is being adopted out to the best family possible. Before applying to adopt an animal please read through our adoption requirements. 

Adoption Requirements

The following are a listing of some of our standard requirements for adopting from ASHA. If you have any questions please let us know. 

Adopters must be over 18 years of age. 

For families living in a rented home, permission to own a pet (or own an additional pet) must be given by the landlord (that includes parent/guardian if adopter lives with parent(s)/ guardian(s)). 

Only one application is necessary for interest in multiple pets.

For the safety of our volunteers the location/addresses of our foster families are only given out to approved adopters that have properly completed our process.

Not being a legal US citizen is not an immediate red flag, but we do need to ensure that you are here to stay for the long haul and if and when you plan to leave the US (long term) you are able to take the pet with you (long travel can be costly and hard for pets).   
We do not require families with children under a certain age to adopt a kitten over a certain age. We will work with you to educate you about the risks of having the kitten(s) in the home with young children. Then we can provide you with advice about set up in the home and proper, safe introduction between the kid(s) and kitten(s). 

Owning other animals can be great! As long as your dog does not have a known issue with attacking cats or small animals (some exclusions apply). 
We do not allow our adopted cats to be declawed, that is an immediate and hard NO. If you know that this is what you want even after understanding the damage it does to the cat then we may be able to point you in the direction of a kitty that is already declawed and in need of a new family.  

If you have adopted from ASHA in the past 6 months and your living situation has not changed (no new pets since last adopted from us, same address, etc.) then you may skip a new application and just email us if you're trying to adopt another animal from us. 

We do not require adopters of small animals or cats to have a back yard or fence or such as roughly 90% of our adoptable cats are indoor only pets - with the exception of the ferals for farms and a handful of indoor/outdoor kitties (these require extra requirements as to your land amount, area and neighborhood). 

We do not allow pets to be adopted as gifts. A parent adopting for the family (if both spouses/significant others are aware) and surprising them is appropriate, but not one person adopting a pet for another person as a gift (surprise or not). If this is your intention we can work with you to still make it a surprise in the end, while still including them in the process. We have done this many times before - just ask us how!

Adoption Step 1 A: ONLINE Adoption Application

1 B: Submit Your Required Documents

To speed up the adoption application processing time we are requiring adopters send us (when applicable) any current pets (cats and dogs) current vaccine records and proof of spay/neuter. We don't require dogs in the home to be spayed/neutered if you are adopting a cat. We just want to ensure you are not breeding your pets. We also require you to email us a copy of your lease/rental agreement or have your landlord email us stating that you are legally allowed to get a (or another) pet in your home. If you own your home, please send us proof of this. If you live with family, friends, or parents please have them send us an email from their account with the agreement that they are allowing you to adopt a pet into the home. 

Once you fill out an adoption application and submit your required documents your application is complete and we will review them and follow up with you within 24-48 hours.

Please be advised that if we do not receive a reply to our Approved Adoption Application email (or any email we send) within 48 hours we will move on to the next interested adopter. If we do not receive your supporting documents, your application is not considered complete and will be queued behind complete applications. 

As kitten season kicks off, please understand that we will receive several applications for some kittens and therefore you may receive an approval email outside of the 48 hours window, as we are processing completed applications in the order they were submitted. If the applicant ahead of you doesn't work out, you can expect an email from us and will need to respond within 24 hours to proceed with adopting the kitten. 

2: Virtual Home Check

After the application and the required documents have been submitted, we require a home check where we we ensure that you have all the basic supplies set up in an isolation/introduction room. Upon scheduling, the $15 Adoption Deposit should be paid online and will be substracted from the Adoption Fee donation upon finalizing the adoption. Due to COVID-19 the home check will usually be done via video chat to uphold physical distancing and keep everyone healthy. We can also help answer any additional questions you may have at that time about set up and introduction. Then once all is approved and good to go we will put you in touch with the foster family. We leave it as your responsibility to follow up about missed appointments. If you do not let us know that you are unable to attend prior to the adoption appointment time, and do not show, then we will make no further attempt to contact you.

3: $15 Adoption Deposit

Beginning July 24th, 2021, Animal Safe Haven and Adoptions will require adopters to pay a $15 non-refundable Animal Adoption Deposit (this includes foster-to-adopt). The deposit will count as a $15 credit towards your adoption fee. All fees are considered donations to a non-profit, are tax-deductible, and 100% of these funds go towards animal care. 

The $15 deposit is paid via our online DonorBox link located below and is required before meeting the animal to be adopted. 

This fee serves to deter those who have not put serious thought into adopting a pet and would otherwise put our volunteers through all the effort of the adoption screening process and prevent an animal from being available for genuine adopters.
Paying the deposit is in no way a guarantee that you will be approved to adopt an animal through ASHA. All of the same requirements and standards in processing applications still apply as stated on this page.

By submitting an adoption application and required documents you agree to the terms listed above and in the application. If you do not adopt through ASHA or your application is rejected, this serves as your notice of the deposit policy.

4: Adoption Contract and Adoption Fee

We have implemented an online adoption contract to help minimize unnecessary contact and save paper. This enables adopters to complete the adoption contract before the adoption visit. 

We will send adopters the adoption contract link once they have been approved and are ready for the next step. If the adopter ends up adopting an additional cat or different cat than they selected on the adoption contract, it can easily be updated on ASHA's end.

The adoption fee is preferably paid once the adoption is approved and scheduled, using our website's DonorBox. It can be paid at the adoption visit this way or via cash, check, or card instead.

Please Review Our Adoption Contract Requirements:

The Adoption Contract must be completed and signed for each and every animal adopted out. 
This contract is for NON-Feral Cats and requirements include, but are not limited to, the following:

The Adopter acknowledges that as of the date of this Agreement, IF the animal is not spayed or neutered at the time of the adoption, then the Adopter agrees to have the animal spayed or neutered by their own means before they reach the age of four (4) months, or within thirty (30) days of the time of the adoption. ASHA will provide spay and neuter appointment options for kittens adopted before their alteration. Adopters are required to pay for these appointments.

The Adopter understands that the animal is believed to be in good health at this time unless otherwise noted. Adopter must take the animal to their vet within one (1) week of adopting the animal for a wellness exam and send ASHA the veterinary exam notes to within twenty four (24) hours of the visit. If the animal dies for any reason other than natural causes of old age, the Adopter will notify ASHA within twenty-four (24) hours.
The Adopter is adopting this animal from ASHA to be a companion animal to the Adopter or their family. The adopter is to be personally responsible for the humane care and control of this pet and will allow ASHA to see the animal by appointment within 48 hours of ASHA’s request to check health and well-being.

Adopter will not abandon or give away the animal to any third party or relinquish it to any other rescue, or dispose of it in any way except to return the adopted animal to ASHA. In the case the Adopter can not (or no longer wishes to) retain the adopted animal, or if proof of neglect/ abuse is found, the Adopter MUST return the animal to ASHA in a prompt manner. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS. If the Adopter must return the animal, Adopter will make no charges of any licensing, food, care, services, or other expenses.
Adopter will not have the animal’s claws removed (de-claw surgery). Mutilation of the animal in this way will result in civil charges and the animal will be removed from the Adopter. As an alternative solution to furniture destruction, Adopter will provide adequate scratching posts, pads, etc and/or utilize a type of safe claw covers (Soft Paws, etc). Adopter will not permanently modify any part of the animal without a veterinary medical necessity including but not limited to ear cropping, tail docking, dental extraction(s), etc.

5: In Person Meet and Greet Adoption Visit

In other cases the foster will bring the foster pet to their adopting family's home and get the animal set up in their new home while completing the adoption contract and fee. In the event of indoor adoptions we ask that everyone involved wear a mask. Each adoption will be a little different then the next, and details for this final step should be discussed before the adoption occurs. We are doing out best to minimize the risk of exposure to everyone. 

At adoption you will go home with the animal's folder that includes their vet history and microchip number. We will also send you home with a little baggie of the food they are currently eating to help transfer them over to your new diet. 
Final Step of Adoption: We can do adoptions as physically-distanced as everyone wishes. Since COVID we have had adopters come to the foster home of the animal(s) that they are adopting and bring their own transport carrier. In some cases foster families are not yet comfortable with having guests in their homes so the adopter will need to provide the foster with the carrier to put the animal(s) in for transportation from the foster home, while waiting outside to minimize contact. Or, depending on fosters and adopters comfort, adopters may go in to the foster's home to meet the animal before heading home.

After Adoption

We do follow up with adopters to ensure all is going well and we always ask adopters to follow up with us if they have any questions or concerns.

Please register your new pet's microchip immediately after adoption is complete via Petstablished - we will send you a link for this.

For pets that are not yet spayed or neutered it is the adopter's responsibility to get the pet spayed or neutered by four (4) months of age, or within one (1) month of the date of adoption, whichever comes first. ASHA will try to provide spay and neuter appointments for kittens adopted prior to their alteration, which the adopter is responsible for paying for. We require adopters to provide ASHA with a copy of the Certificate of Spaying or Neutering immediately upon completion. This is legally required by our Adoption Contract.

If you move, please send us your new address ASAP so we can keep our system up to date.

Adopters must contact ASHA immediately if the adopted animal is lost, stolen, or dies.

Another Option is Our Foster-to-Adopt Program:

Some families want to slowly introduce the new cat in to their home for a while before committing to adopting. We are open to this, but we can only offer it for older kittens and adult cats that do not have applications on them. We give the family up to one month to slowly introduce and acclimate the kitty before requiring them to make a decision. Many families decide within the first week or two that they do indeed want to adopt their new fur baby! 

To Foster-to-Adopt 4 things are required: Adoption Application completed online, a virtual Home Check, Signed Volunteer Waiver, and Signed Foster Agreement, to be completed prior to or at the foster/adopter picking up the animal.

In order to foster-to-adopt you must technically be a volunteer (hence the volunteer waiver and foster contract) and since the potential end goal is to adopt you must complete an adoption application.  See our "Adopt" section above for more info.

Adopting Feral & Semi-Friendly Barn & Farm Cats

FREE All Natural Organic Pest Control!

We work mostly with TNR (Trap, Neuter/Spay, and RELOCATE) of abandoned, stray, and feral cats living in dangerous situations and locations. Sewers, alleys, under bridges, in parking lots, beside highways and in cat-unfriendly neighborhoods are just some of the places we have rescued kitties from. We trap them using live traps or nets, and then get them much needed vetting - so no more kittens! When trapping cats we find that many times there are just one or two in the area, but most times there is a whole colony of 6-30 cats of various ages. For the kittens that are under about 6 months old we set them up indoors with a foster family, and work to socialize them to be placed in an indoor-only forever home. For the older kitties that are set in their ways and not open to trusting people, they are placed at a barn foster until we find a forever farm for them to live out the rest of their days in safety.

These cats make wonderful rodent, bird and other small pest control for farms, gardens, granaries, barns and any large properties including wineries, warehouses, dry docks, marinas, stables, chicken or cow farms, nurseries, orchards, pet stores. Any place natural pest control is desired. We deliver!! Making it easy on you, we will come to you! Any location in MD, PA, VA, WV or surrounding areas. The farther from the BWI area, the more cats we would prefer to place, as it's more gas mileage and drive time for our non paid volunteers.

Please consider giving a second chance to a kitty that doesn't deserve to live day by day scavenging for scraps and being hunted by nasty people looking to torture them for the fun of it. Many stray, abandoned and feral cats are used for dog fighting bait so saving 2 today gives us the room to pull 2 more off the streets! Email us for more info!

Forever farms do not have any fees for adopting, nor the adoption deposit. We require a minimum of 2 cats be relocated together. They may not be bonded, but this way they have a friend and companion that is also new to the area. We have many cats that are full on feral and will only be seen from afar once acclimated and released. But we also have many cats that are semi-friendly and are essentially just outdoor cats. When setting them up we provide a large cage to acclimate them to the area, as well as the initial necessary supplies: Litter box, litter, food, bowls, bedding. After a minimum of 3-4 weeks in which they are acclimated the kitties can be released from the cages. We then will pick up the cage and any unused supplies you do not wish to keep. Cats are fully vetted, including: tested for FeLV, FIV, treated for intestinal and external parasites, up to date on rabies and FVRCP, spayed/neutered and ear tipped. We can, upon request, microchip the cats. Most cats are FeLV and FIV negative, but we do have a few that are FIV positive and healthy, and still need forever homes too! FIV positive cats can successfully and safely live with other cats! Ask us for more info!